Friday, March 16, 2012

Know a million people with hepatitis C

Hepatologists and patients committed experts warned that Mexico is estimated that one million people have hepatitis "C" and are unaware of them between three to five percent will develop liver cancer.

Of these, 200 000 and have some degree of cirrhosis and ignore it, putting their lives at serious risk, especially adults 40 years.

At a press conference, Jorge Luis Poo, a member of the Mexican Association of Hepatology (AMH), and Group President of Patient Amhigo (Friends of the liver), Jose Antonio Onate, presented the Informational and Educational Portal, through which to disseminate medical and scientific information to find out the population of liver disease.

In turn, José Antonio Onate found that in Mexico must have a million people with hepatitis "C" who know they are sick, of which about 200 000 and should have developed cirrhosis of different degrees without knowing it.

He said three to five percent of these cases may develop liver cancer and so ignored, so that this evil is a serious public health problem.

In this regard, Jorge Luis Poo worldwide reported that liver cancer is the sixth leading cause of death, and that contrary to popular belief it is a rare but often, recording its highest peak among people over 40 years of age.

In Mexico, he explained, each year there are 26 000 500 deaths from cirrhosis, which places this disease in the fourth cause of mortality in 500 000 deaths that occur annually in the country.

In addition, he said, hepatocellular carcinoma or Carciona Hepatocellular (HCC) is the most common primary malignant tumor in the liver, and the world are diagnosed 500 000 new cases annually and nearly 600 000 deaths from this cause.

In his view, it is essential that people are aware of these common ailments, but have no specific symptoms and break myths, and accept that should checarse, to detect it early.

He noted that 90 percent of HCC occurs in patients with cirrhosis, the main risk factor for developing it and other causes are chronic infection with hepatitis B and C, chronic alcoholic liver disease, the presence of NAFLD, which is a matter for develop cirrhosis.

"Because obesity, lack of information and detachment to treatment and the use of inappropriate therapies in the past two decades have increased by 80 percent the number of people who have gone from Hepatitis B and C to hepatocarcinoma" he explained when referring to international studies.


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