Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The cigarette attracts more girls than boys

A recent study commissioned by the French Federation of Cardiology found that college students were more likely to try smoking as college students. The dependence of the girls would also be stronger.

Your daughter has just passed his 12th birthday, she enters adolescence and may have already tasted the cigarette. While the girls are smoking or nicotine test later, they are 35% in 2012 to have already experienced the cigarette against "only" 31% of boys AFP tells us.
Professor Daniel Thomas, honorary chairman of the FCC explains that "girls start later than boys but develop a stronger addiction. "Given that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in women, this study demonstrates the early onset of dependence. Other information in this survey of nearly 2,000 college students, 4 to 5 of 10 girls quit smoking after their first experience against six out of 10 boys. Last important fact, 10% of children whose parents smoke have ever tried smoking against 4% for parents nonsmokers. Parents therefore have an important role in social reproduction.


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