Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eat at sunset would lose weight

Summer is approaching, any advice to put her swimsuit without complex is worth taking and we have a nice new ... According to one California study, eat in the hour of sunset would lose weight!

Within two months, many of us will give way to bikinis but the problem is that we have not lost our love handles due to our excess winter. It's time to lose some weight to be better in his sneakers and go back into our favorite short of last year. Regimes and calculating calories galore? No, we have a new solution. According to a California study of the Salk Institute, dinner at the hour of sunset would help lose unwanted pounds. Indeed, American researchers have managed to establish links between the metabolic cycles of organs and mealtimes.
The study published by the magazine "Cell Metabolism" emphasizes the relationship between cycles and night snacking. "Each body has its own rhythm. This means that our livers, our intestines, our muscles and other organs alternate between peak efficiency and ... somehow ... a state of sleep" says Satchidananda Panda, principal author of this research. To summarize, it is important not to eat fat before going to bed because it completely dérèglerait cycles of your organs. Down with the pot of chocolate ice cream or sandwich before going to sleep! Instead, choose a yogurt or other low fat dairy.
In this study, mice, divided into two groups, were subjected to a high fat diet. The first group of rodents could not eat anything after having access to food over a period of eight hours while the other group could eat galore. Despite a fatty diet, the metabolism of mice that mealtimes were limited improved. Their livers have suffered much less than those of mice that could eat as much as they wanted. To lose weight, it would therefore suffice to eat at one very specific, allowing a period of eight hours between lunch and dinner. Eating schedules of sunsets would be another little trick to remove our extra pounds for summer 2012. Even if it keeps repeating you, a balanced diet and regular exercise are the first steps we should take to lose weight effectively!


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