Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weight Loss by Focusing on misconceptions

To lose weight you must remove fats, play sports intensively helps to lose weight faster or a course of vitamins C optimizes a diet ...

There are many tricks-thinness than was confused. To keep the line, we must also take stock of received ideas.

When discussing the chapter on "how to keep the line", each has its own recipe. The problem is that digging around for info, one is likely to fall on the hoax. To help you see more clearly, discover some misconceptions about slimming tips.

The water does not lose weight
Debunking the truth: totally devoid of calories, water is involved in the satiety but does not lose weight. It especially helps to drain and eliminate toxins. No need to force yourself to drink more than one and a half liters per day. During the day, you can drink hot or cold, as tea or broth.

The ideal is to skip meals
You thought not to be hungry in the morning? The concern is that the body needs fuel to get in shape all day. Otherwise it goes into "survival". Result, the next meal, it will store any food ingested, bloating effect ensured. Better to eat something than nothing at all, even a snack. Also, be aware that the keystone of a balanced diet is the regularity.

To lose weight, you must remove the starchy
Rather, it is starches that will help you stay on track of your goals, for a starchy meal without too quickly assimilated. The feeling of hunger reappears very quickly if you remove starches from your diet. Under these conditions, impossible to hold until the next meal without snacking. Good tip: opt for pasta, cereals or whole grain rice, more filling and low glycemic index.

It should also ban the fat
It is certain that abuse of fat is bad for the line but also to health, it is unnecessary to remove them completely. Why? Just because the body needs to draw energy and that all fats are not bad. As proof, the essential fatty acids found in vegetable oils and fish are all good for the body. Also, to avoid deficiencies, choose good fats.

Make cures apple (pineapple or grapefruit)
They were all already tested, these single-food diets that advocate to eat just one product for days. The best known is perhaps the apple diet. It is certain that unless you eat it, you will lose weight. But only for a while, because when you return to a normal diet, the pounds will flow. The yo-yo effect will be at the rendezvous.

Finally, for sport, it helps to tone and burn calories. Accompanied by a balanced diet, it may even allow to mature and become lighter. Also note that the body starts to burn fat from 45 minutes of physical activity. So it is best to practice a sport that does not require pushing too hard and for long periods.


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