Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vitamin D may be effective in depression

The correction of vitamin D deficiency resulted in women with mild or severe depression to an improvement in their symptoms. "The vitamin may have a (yet unproven) impact on mood. And a shortage increased depression," says researcher Sonal Pathak. "If further research confirms this, we can improve the treatment of depression."
Pathak presented the results of a small study at the annual meeting of The Endocrine Society in Houston. She studied three women with depression. The women swallow antidepressants and had a vitamin D deficiency.
After twelve weeks with a vitamin D therapy was the deficit eliminated. In addition, all women reported an improvement in their depression symptoms. When a woman after therapy even a mild rather than severe depression.
Previous studies have also suggested that vitamin D affects mood and depression. According to Pathak is high time for a major study to see if the link is causal.


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